Learning Something New

Studying New Media & English I can chose many different and varied subjects to study. It can be difficult sometimes when you have so many differing modules, to know what you want to do after University but it also doesn’t limit you to one specific field.

I think one of the best examples of a New Media & English module I can give is one I am studying this semester, called “Writing for New Media.” I think this is a great example because we are learning about laws, such as copyright and writing in a blog but in our labs we are studying things like HTML(which before this class I had no idea what it was).

HTML or Hyper Text Markup Langue is a computer language created for website creation. HTML consists of short codes typed into a text-file such as notepad, the text is then saved as a html file, and viewed through a web browser. The tags separate normal text from HTML code. These are the words between the . They cause all the cool things like images and tables, just by telling your browser what to render on the page. Different tags perform different functions.

Although I’ve only had one class in using HTML codes and didn’t even know that they existed before the class, it was fairly easy to pick up once you got the hand of it.  There was real learning by doing atmosphere in the class and it was cool to see how you could change the page using different codes. It was a nice change of pace and I found it really interesting!


Where I am Now?

When people ask where I go to college, I don’t think they are expecting such a convoluted answer as the one that I have been forced to give for the past year. I am in third year of New Media & English at the University of Limerick (UL), however I haven’t actually studied in UL for almost fourteen months now.

For the second semester of my second year I had to complete work placement. I did this in Barcelona, Spain, I worked as a conversation assistant in a Mestral primary school  there for six months. I enjoyed the work and gained a lot from the position both professionally and personally. Barcelona is a beautiful city and I was never bored on the weekends, it has such a rich history and amazing architecture, there’s also the weather, but don’t get me started on that!!

I look back on my time in Barcelona fondly, the only factors that subtracted from my experience there was the fact that I was alone, despite the odd visit from friends or family. It was tough at times but I think it added to the experience overall.

In September 2016, I began my Erasmus exchange in Groningen, The Netherlands. Although I study New Media & English in UL, I studied Journalism while in The Netherlands at Hanze University. It was a nice change of pace but it was still similar enough to my home university study that I didn’t find it difficult to pick it up.

It was a little strange at first, studying at  a different University but it was also interesting to see how other countries operate in contrast to Ireland. Of course, Erasmus is pass fail so that was a nice added bonus of the trip!

I’m looking forward to getting back to my studies here in UL now. I had a great year away but it’s nice to finally be home for good and not having to worry about leaving again a few months down the line. It’s good to just be settled again.