Music While Studying

As we near the end of the semester and summer approaches we must first get passed our daunting assignments and end of year exams. This marks a rare time in the student calendar when the nightclubs are noticeably less full and the library is packed from 9am onwards, it is a strange time.

Many students will try anything to get ahead and ease their workload from forming student groups to visiting the writing center.

I wrote recently about how beneficial exercising can be for students feeling the pressure of their assignments and looming exams but what about music?

Music plays a major part in our day to day lives. Whether you are a music lover or not you more than likely listen to the radio on your way to work or college. Music is something you cannot avoid. Music has so much power over us, it can change your mood, get you excited or relax you. So why shouldn’t it be able to aid you in your study?

Studies show that listening to music before studying or performing a task can benefit a person as it improves attention, memory, as well as helping lessen depression and anxiety.

The Mozart Effect is a very famous piece of research basically claiming that listening to Mozart or classical music makes you smarter. This is hotly debated and you aren’t going to get into that right now.

Research has shown that study and concentration has better results in a silent room or setting. However few students have access to a silent room and are often studying in place disturbed by chatter, coughing, or rustling. Students tested in settings with background music were found to get better results than those tested with background noise.

There are many factors that influence these findings though, especially the student themselves. It depends heavily on the students personality and their willingness to study. The genre of music can play a part too and also the volume that you listen to it at.

It’s a very interesting argument, especially when you see many students in the library working away on their laptops with headphones in. It could be interesting for students who are feeling the stress of exams to try something new and if it doesn’t work for them at least listening to music might help with the stress for awhile.

Why not try this playlist on Spotify and test it for yourself.